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Let us sit down with you and craft your branding in a way that puts your business forward. We will first spend the time exploring your company’s ideals and values. Then we will express these powerfully using the right combination of vibrant colours, stunning imagery, and smart typography.

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So What is a Brand?

First impressions are without doubt critical to business success. Your brand speaks a vital message to your customers before they even buy from you. It tells them your business is founded on certain core values and principles. Principles which indicate that you are passionate about serving their needs and giving them a standard of service no one else can.

This picture created in the minds of your customers solidifies your position in the marketplace. When you factor in your company’s reputation as a consistent provider of excellence, people begin to believe you are in fact the better option over your competitors.

Yet it’s always the image of your business branding that comes first to mind when they think of you.

Why Your Business Needs a Brand

A brand gives your business a persona – a living image that people can identify with and appreciate.

Your company’s logo adds a face to an established name people can trust. Though it may mean different things to different people, your logo stands as a powerful visual reference in the mind of a consumer. Often it’s also the first thing that springs to mind when people think about your business.

You know the three stripes of that international sports goods company? Of course you do. Or what about the apple with a single bite out of it? You immediately know which companies we are talking about.

These are just pictures, but they mean so much to people who are familiar with these brands. An expected high level of style and quality has become synonymous with each of these world class companies. People love to own the products and the famous logos are flaunted with pride.

So what does your company logo mean to your customers? The next time you look at the logos of Adidas and Apple think a minute on the kind of memories you would like to build for people. How would you like them to remember your dedication to service, or the quality of your products?

You have the opportunity to influence the minds and hearts of your customers. When people interact with your business, they will associate their experiences with your logo, and that image will stay forever.

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How a Brand Shapes our Decisions

People are always visually stimulated first, and then the process of making decisions comes after. We each have untold volumes of images in our minds which make up our memories. Kind of like a collection of millions and millions of photographs we can refer to in a split second. Make no mistake – we are directly influenced by the things we see.

For instance, it doesn’t really matter if people actually like a particular company’s logo or not. They will still have loads to say about the company behind it. This is true even if they have never dealt with the company before.

The very colours, fonts and shapes that make up your logo produce an influence you cannot afford to ignore. Each is linked to specific emotions, ideas and attitudes. Personal opinions and perceptions will always be influenced by the way they look at your logo.

In a matter of seconds prospective customers can determine what your business is all about. They might take it you are too expensive, too serious, and too uptight. Or they could perceive you as selfish, uncaring, and only in it for the money. These assumptions will drive them away so fast you have no idea.

In the same way your logo could help them understand your brand identity and what it actually stands for. This will no doubt draw them closer, especially if yours is the kind of business they are searching for. You either fit the bill or you don’t. If you do it becomes inevitable that your ideal customer will buy from you.

So that is why it’s essential you get your logo right from the start. You want people to always make the right assumptions about your business.

Branding Helps Generate Trust

A brand tells customers you are the real deal. Not only does it show them you are above board, legitimate and professional, it gives them a clue as to how you actually interact with the public. If it looks like you are seriously concerned with how people receive your company, then it means you probably are.

It tells people you’re not going to run away with their money nor do them down. Your brand relays the message of caring for your customers which goes a long way to establishing the feeling of trust. When people trust you the decision to buy from you comes easily and naturally.

Having a Brand Raises the Value of Your Business

An established brand is one that people choose first for quality. You will be able to scale your business faster and earn much higher margins on your products and services than you’d ever imagined. This is because established quality calls its own price. People who want quality will buy from you because your brand represents a greater value undetermined by a price tag.

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